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Third milestone meeting at the ifak Institute for Automation and Communication e.V., Magdeburg

‘We are now halfway through the project. The work to date is very much on schedule and initial tests of the edge/cloud service sub-model have already been carried out on the IoT platform. The structural design for the data ecosystem and the integration of the blockchain are also available. The first implementations of a data connector have also been completed on the IoT platform. With these results, we are positive that we will reach our next milestone, the networking of partners in a Gaia-X-compliant edge cloud ecosystem, as planned.’
says Melanie Stolze, Research Associate in the Department of ICT & Automation at the ifak Institute for Automation and Communication.

With the 3rd milestone meeting of the ESCOM project on 4 April 2024 in Magdeburg, we have reached the halfway mark of the project. A good time to look back on the successes achieved:

Further development of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS):
The Administration Shell is a central element of the project, and will continue to play a large part in the ongoing development of enhancements within the Edge/Cloud service sub-model. This emphasises our commitment to improving interoperability with and data transparency in different data spaces.

Compliance with the Gaia-X principles:
We have addressed a prototype implementation of a data collection service that automatically publishes data within an ecosystem. This is done in accordance with the Gaia-X principles and shows the potential to ensure data privacy and sovereignty in distributed environments.

Blockchain integration:
With a focus on technological advances, we have made significant progress in the integration of blockchain technology. Our goal was to emphasise the machine perspective in the implementation of this transformative technology and to open up new possibilities for secure and decentralised trust processes.