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Edge-Services for Components

ESCOM deals with balanced edge cloud environments for sovereign component service systems in the manufacturing environment. As part of the technology program “Edge Data Economy” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action, the advantages of edge computing in industry-related application scenarios are tested and the guiding principles of a Gaia-X-compliant data ecosystem are illustrated. The interdisciplinary project consortium enables the requirements from the different perspectives of the participating parties to be considered.

ESCOM is part of the dynamic project ecosystem around the Gaia-X lighthouse project EuProGigant:

Supported by industry and research partners, the projects AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant and Flex4Res focus on specific goals that feed into the project ecosystem, e.g., strengthening supply chains resilience, enable secure and multi-locational data sharing as well as connecting innovation partners. Together, they demonstrate how data can support the industrial value creation process while describing the benefits of data-driven business models. These efforts support the relocation of production companies back to Europe.

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Use Cases

The overall technical concept in ESCOM comprises two application scenarios from metalworking, discrete production which follow a common solution approach. This involves transferring the know-how from component design in the form of simulation models into services using artificial intelligence (AI) methods. The simulation models describe the overall behavior of the components and can map effects on prescriptive quality and the degree of component wear in terms of predictive maintenance. The development requirement is to transfer the complexity of the simulation models as well as their time-consuming calculation through AI-supported and cloud-based model reduction procedures into deterministically executable services on the edge.